Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Review

Utilizing Activated Charcoal as a characteristic alternative for Ayrshire teeth whitening is a theme that has picked up a great deal of consideration recently. We have shrouded it in detail in our charcoal toothpaste manage.

In this audit, I am taking a gander at Pro Teeth Whitening Co’s Activated Charcoal Natural Teeth Whitening Powder (see here on Amazon) which is the smash hit product inside Dental Care run (May 2017).activated charcoal

A great accomplishment, I will see if this stuff truly works and what it resembles to use in contrast with a typical toothpaste and other charcoal products.

Obviously, being a survey I will give you my legit musings, and feelings and contrast it with different products I have utilized.

Client surveys online say it works.

The tons of Instagram pictures, YouTube recordings and magnificence blog articles would too recommend it and comparative products are the following best thing in Ayrshire teeth whitening… So are the restorative dental practitioners out of a vocation? How about we discover.

activated charcoal product

Does it really work?

It can work.

But there are many other options one can take in Ayrshire should they wish to.

I say it can, on the grounds that it is not exactly like regular restorative teeth whitening where comes about are ensured.

The activated charcoal attempts to clean the teeth better and lift those substances that make recoloring and discolouration the teeth. Along these lines as it is simply cleaning all the more successfully, as opposed to whitening through shading the teeth, the outcomes are not the same for all.

Many will see positive outcomes and be left with more white and brighter teeth, however some won’t be.

It can’t battle discolouration that comes because of teeth maturing like corrective whitening can, no whitening toothpaste or powder can (unless it has fades inside it).

On the off chance that you are a smoker, enormous espresso, tea or red wine consumer (which are all popular in Ayrshire) and blameworthy of giving careful consideration to your teeth than you should, it is you who will see most profit by this.

At the season of composing 85% of audits from clients on Amazon have appraised this with a 4 or 5* rating, so it must be working for the larger part.

What amount does it cost?

£14.99 is the retail cost for Pro Teeth Whitening Co’s activated charcoal product.

I paid around £12 for a tub of the stuff which is by all accounts about the going value, a couple of pounds of the retail cost.

My exploration demonstrates it has sold for as meager as £8.79 yet those events are few and far between. £10-12 is by all accounts the normal cost to pay.

Contrasting with elective however comparative products this is about a similar cost.

activated charcoal ayrshire

Where would i be able to get it?

The best place is

Contingent on your area will to some degree rely on upon where you can buy this whitening powder.

We presently can’t seem to see this in many high road stores, only in Ayrshire, so your best choices are immediate from Pro Teeth Whitening Co or by means of online dealer Amazon, who has a tendency to be the less expensive of the two.

Amazon’s value has a tendency to incorporate delivery though it is additional with Pro Teeth Whitening Co, making the product more costly by and large.


  • It can improve teeth shading and “whiten” them
  • Brilliant bundling
  • 100% characteristic
  • Not tried on creatures
  • Appropriate for veggie lovers


  • Can seem costly when contrasted with an ordinary toothpaste
  • Can be untidy
  • Won’t whiten teeth for all
  • The genuine consequences for the teeth are not known
  • Not the best taste
  • Takes additional time, if done properly

Would I suggest it?

Yes, with a slight catch.

In spite of my absence of detectable shading improvement, I can’t state entire heartedly it works or it doesn’t work. Different clients input would propose they have had extremely effective outcomes.

Along these lines in light of this, I would recommend it is justified regardless of an attempt. Be that as it may, the catch to me saying this is you staying alert that you won’t not see improvements and the potential harm done to the teeth is as yet not known without a doubt.

Full Review

The primary activated charcoal product I at any point attempted was PROCOAL (surveyed here.)

I would be lying on the off chance that I said the general concept of brushing my teeth with it appeared like somewhat of an odd thought, however I got accustomed to it, regardless of the subsequent dark grin.

A toothpaste is as yet my inclination; I have had years of doing it thusly, so it is not really astounding.

Was the experience any unique with Pro Teeth Whitening Co’s activated charcoal product?

At last, no, however mentally my brain was all available, I mean the organization name incorporates the word ‘teeth whitening’ so my teeth were set to wind up plainly more white with this, would they say they weren’t?

charcoal teeth whitening ayrshire

How I tried the activated charcoal

Let’s get straight to the point here, I have not tried this charcoal while wearing a white coat in a lab with loads of cunning science devices around me. Ayrshire teeth whitening is not that well managed.

Much the same as you I am a general chap, giving my musings, input and conclusion in light of having attempted the product like you would.

Along these lines my tests are basic without a controlled domain and open to impact, in spite of the fact that I attempt to stay unprejudiced and adjusted all through.

I utilized Pro Teeth Whitening Co for an aggregate of 3 weeks. Amid every week, I utilized the activated charcoal twice a day as prompted by this teeth whitening in ayrshire site.

After each clean with the charcoal I completed another, snappier clean with water to evacuate buildup charcoal and any grayness left on my teeth or gums by the substance.

I utilized an electric toothbrush, the Genius 9000 from Oral-B.

I flossed once every day and rolled out no other critical improvements in my eating routine or propensities.

When utilizing the activated charcoal, to give it an opportunity to work, I extended the brushing to 3 minutes and after that left it on my teeth for 2 minutes before flushing.